Our Business Plan

Joining Product Package Amount

Product Package Amount 1000 Rs. (B.V. 1000 Rs.)

Matching Bonus :

20% of your both leg side matching.

1:1 matching

Leadership Income :

On Each Matching Bonus of your direct referral you will get 10% of Matching Bonus

Club Income :

Eligibility for club income is your self id is 10000 Rs. and two direct referral of 10000 Rs. In club income eligibility amount is no. of 10000 ids X 1500/no. of club achiever on daily basic. Income limit amount is for club income 60000 Rs.

Repurchase Income :

You can buy good morning to good night product from our company you will get 20% of matching income.

Daily Capping:

Package Daily Capping
1000 Rs. 20,000

Reward :

S.no Left Amount Right Amount Award
1 2,00,000 Rs 2,00,000 Rs Smart Phone
2 +5,00,000 Rs +5,00,000 Rs Bangkok Trip
3 +10,00,000 Rs +10,00,000 Rs Bullet
4 +50,00,000 Rs +50,00,000 Rs Maruti Swift
5 +1,00,00,000 Rs +1,00,00,000 Rs Honda City
3 +10,00,00,000 Rs +10,00,00,000 Rs Banglow And Flat in any city

Payout Cycle:

Every Friday Closing and Monday Payout

Tds 5% & Admin charges 5% deduction.